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We may have heard and even spoken statements like:

•   We are called to make disciples, not just converts.
•   We are called to make disciples who make disciples.

These statements seem thoroughly biblical.  Their intent is clear and motivational.  Yet the practical reality is often more difficult, and the results can be discouraging.  Is something wrong?  Should we simply press on with increased intensity, or should we pause to reconsider?  Have we got it right?  Are there some false assumptions in our thinking that are getting in the way?  What does the Bible really teach on the matter?

This book seeks to rethink the whole subject of making disciples.  Although it operates from an insider’s perspective, Against The Tide seeks to review practices, to question assumptions and to build from the Scriptures.  You may find the results surprising.  All those who are called to make disciples will find that this book has something important to say.  Are you ready for the challenge?

GEORGE ALEXANDER has been privileged to serve in full-time Christian ministry since 1985.  He was Senior Pastor and then co-pastor of Liberty Church in Dunfermline in Scotland for a total of eighteen years, after which he moved into a teaching ministry, though still based at Liberty.  Today George is Director of Artios Ministries, and now serves on the Apostolic Council of Liberty Network International, a family of apostolic networks based in Pensacola, Florida. Additionally, he is Director of the missions agency Globe UK, and serves as Teaching Elder in Liberty Church.

George is married to Mary, and they have four grown-up children.

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