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Ministerial Recognition and Accreditation

We offer ministerial recognition and accreditation for the purpose of building strong local churches.  For those who are recognised, Artios Ministries provides ministerial credentials, in collaboration with Liberty Network International.


General Guidelines

In considering the matter of ministerial recognition, we hold to certain guidelines.  These include:
  • Ministers should meet biblical standards as outlined in the pastoral epistles
  • Ministers should have an ongoing relationship with Artios Ministries
  • Ministers should have an observable calling within the fivefold ministry
  • Ministers should be teachable and submitted to leadership
Ministerial recognition is offered at two levels, usually referred to as licence and ordination.  The higher ordination level would generally have some extra requirements in terms of gifting, experience and clarity.  It is common for a minister to be licensed first, and perhaps ordained at a later time when more clarity will have emerged.  It is important to note that to license or ordain a person does not change that person into someone that he or she was not before.  The emphasis is on recognition of what the Lord has done in the person in calling and gifting, which is then affirmed as we stand behind and alongside the minister in question.

These recognised ministers are considered members of Artios Ministries, and, with others, form a group of ministry partners who have access to certain shared resources.  In addition, they automatically become members of Liberty Network International, and may participate in its conferences.

Membership is by invitation only.  If you are interested in becoming a recognised member of Artios Ministries, please contact us to request an invitation.  We will then do an initial evaluation, and if appropriate will invite you to submit an application form.

2 Tim 3-1617