About Us 

What we're about


Artios Ministries is about establishing, equipping and empowering God's people.


To this end, we share the strategy of Liberty Network International, summarised as:

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God joins families of believers around an apostolic leader to provide care, accountability and oversight.  The emphasis is on God’s mission and each individual’s part in it, maintaining a relational focus with mission and ministry flowing from that base.
Equipping the network is a progressive and ongoing effort that never stops.
We are all gifted and called in unique ways to fulfill our “sentness” in His Kingdom purpose.


We're about laying strong foundations that promote growth and maturity, building the Body by equipping the saints, and developing and organising so as to faciliate and release them into all God's will and purpose.

Artios Ministries is fully committed to equipping individuals in their areas of ministry, in order to see the Church as the Body of Christ rise to unity, maturity and fulness in Him, as each part does its work. (See Eph 4:11-16.)

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