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Our History

The story of Artios Ministries starts with the story of Liberty Church in Dunfermline, which in turn starts in Pensacola, Florida.

Liberty Church in Pensacola was begun in 1964, and gave rise to Liberty Bible College and a missions agency called Globe Missionary Evangelism.  All three institutions were founded and led by the apostolic figure Ken Sumrall.

David and Debi Kerr

In 1979, three graduate couples of Liberty Bible College, David and Debi Kerr, David and Nodya Havice, and Thom and Ruth Raller, (average age 29.5), were sent to Dunfermline as a team of missionaries under Globe Missionary Evangelism with the goal of planting a church. On July 15th 1979, Dunfermline Christian Fellowship was born.  Excitedly yet steadily, the new church began to grow and develop.

Although the three missionary couples formed a team, there was leadership within the team. Thom Raller and David Havice David Kerr was referred to as Senior Pastor, and Thom Raller and David Havice as Co-Pastors.  And being missionaries, the goal was to raise up indigenous leadership (that is, Scottish leadership), work towards handing the Church over to that leadership, and move on to repeat the process David Kerrelsewhere.  In the event, after one year in Scotland, David Kerr responded to the call to become the first Assistant Director of Globe Missionary Evangelism. David and Debi returned to Pensacola, Florida in 1980, and David Havice assumed the title Senior Pastor.  

At this time, Steve Bowen, an American trained at the same Bible College and also under Globe Missionary Evangelism, joined the team from YWAM.  Then in 1982, David and Nodya moved to Perth to begin a new church there, and Thom Raller was set in as Senior Pastor.  After just over a year in Perth, the Havices decided their leading was now to return to the USA as pastors, which they did in late 1983.  Then in 1985, in response to some stirrings, Thom and Ruth made plans to move to Spain in a church-planting role, Pastor Georgeand to set in George Alexander as Senior Pastor.  George and Mary were set in to these new responsibilities in July 1985 by the existing leadership and David and Debi Kerr, who came over from Pensacola for the purpose.  Although Steve and Pattie Bowen were still there in a supportive capacity, the Church after six years was indigenous!

George was a former schoolteacher and Methodist preacher.  He chose to maintain the relationship links with Pensacola, and in 1986 became the first non-American to be ordained under Liberty Fellowship of Churches and Ministers.

In June 1989, on the occasion of celebrating the tenth anniversary, the name was changed from "Dunfermline Christian Fellowship" to "Liberty Church".

George was Senior Pastor for the next 12 years.  Within that time, Steve Bowen moved on in 1989, and at the beginning of 1992, Mike McMahon joined the staff as Associate Pastor.  In addition, the Church started to relate apostolically to Derek Brown.  In 1997, under Derek's counsel, responsibilities between George and Mike were adjusted in accordance with gifting.  This resulted in George being released to more of a teaching focus, and Mike taking the pastoral lead.  It was a new situation for all concerned, and not without its confusions.  In essence, it proved to be a long-term handover, with George being released to begin Artios Ministries in 2003 as a teaching ministry. Shortly thereafter, Jon Farrimond became the new Associate Pastor.  And when Mike responded to the Lord's call to plant churches in the north of England, Jon took over as Senior Pastor in 2008.

In 2013, in response to an adjustment of the Lord, Liberty Ministries and Liberty Ministry Training were begun, and assumed the training functions of Artios Ministries.  Artios Ministries began to be recast as an apostolic family network.  Then in 2014, as Liberty Church in Pensacola celebrated its 50th Anniversary, George completed the cycle and began a new phase of ministry in relationship with the re-named and re-launched Liberty Network International.  The future lies before us, and the best is yet to be!




2 Tim 3-1617